Prepainted Steel Sheets Coatings

  Composition and function of coatings Every kind of coating consists of four kinds of ingredients, namely (1) resin, (2) pigment, (3) solvent, and (4) additives. Among them, the solvent is a kind of volatile organic compound. (1) Resin

Prepainted Steel Sheets

Brief introduction Prepainted steel sheet is coated with the organic layer, which provides higher anti-corrosion property and a longer lifespan than that of galvanized steel sheets. The base metals for the prepainted steel sheet consist of cold-rolled, HDG electro-galvanized

Baosteel’s hot-dip Al-Zn coated steel sheets

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel) was established on Feb. 3, 2000, and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on Dec. 12 in the same year. Baosteel is the largest and most modernized iron &

ISO 9001 Certificate

Shanghai Tengwei Color Steel Products Co., Ltd. has established and maintains a quality management system for the manufacture color steel tiles, color steel sandwich panel, and construction steel products, and has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements

The Mayor of Haian Visited Sino Metal Roof (SMR)

The mayor of Haian visited Sino Metal Roof (SMR) Shanghai Tengwei Color Steel Products Co., Ltd. and praised the quality of our products. A contract of supplying steel structure, steel decking floor, and rockwool sandwich panel was signed. All